Writing is part of everything I do. I blog, I write fiction, and participate on social media. As part of my many jobs (and as a consultant/freelancer), I've written everything from ad copy to technical documention to web copy.

Most of these things were published, but rarely under my own name.

One exception is the following book.

Excuse Me? I'm Doing What Now?
The Office Manager's Guide to Managing A Website For Those Who Just Got Stuck With It.

One of the most common situations I would run into is someone who contacts me in a bit of a panic because they just got the management of a website dumped on them and they have no idea what to do next. They all asked the same kinds of questions and I had all of the same answers to give.

So I decided to write them down.

Excuse Me cover

You were minding your own business when somebody came up to you and said, "You're in charge of the company website now."

But you didn't know anything about websites. You told them so.

"It's easy," they said. "It's just like doing that annual report and you do fine with that, right?"

Deep in your heart you suspected that it wasn't really just like doing the annual report, and you were right.

This book will help you navigate the technical, publishing, and human resources aspects of running a small or mid-sized corporate website. Topics include:

  • How to set expectations with your supervisor.
  • Hiring and managing a web team (internal or freelancers) or doing it all yourself.
  • Managing vendors.
  • Writing RFPs and overseeing a redesign of the website
  • Dealing with SEO and social media.
  • A glossary of "webbish" terms you are likely to run into your first year.

This book takes a scary situation and, using humor and real-life examples, makes it all manageable.

This book is available on Amazon. I've also it for free (but in an awkward-to-read form) on my blog.

Where did I get the experience to write this book? Glad you asked!


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