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I was an acquisitions editor for a medical publishing company in the 1990s. About half way through that decade, the World Wide Web became a visual environment for sharing information and people started getting computers with modems.

When I first saw a simple web page, the first thing that flashed through my head was that a person -- by herself -- could become a publisher with a global reach. I taught myself basic coding and got a graphic design degree. I've been wrapped up in both the technical and cultural aspects of the Web ever since.


Since I've been working in the Web from the very beginning, I have the advantage of a long view. I've lived every trend, boom, and bust. I've acted as an on-site consultant for different organizations and even run two consulting businesses. In my experience, it's hard to put the consulting needs of an organization (or even an individual) into a catagory. The needs tend to be more of a continuum that includes consulting on:

  • Management (of people, time, money, and sanity)
  • Outreach
  • Design
  • Usability
  • Editorial work process
  • Technology

I listen to a client and, together, we decide what he or she needs. It might mean I sit with a person and teach them how to run a piece of software. It might mean that I create or update documentation. It might mean that I do all of the maintenence of a website with minimal oversight from someone at the organization. It might even mean that I take a pile of papers and brochures home and make a website out of them.

Websites that I have recently worked on are:

Large websites that I have worked on as a full-time manager are aarp.org and kaboom.org. For references and a full CV, please contact me directly.

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