Fiction Writing

In terms of fiction, I'm the one of the great undiscovered American novelists.

...I hope.

Because my reading interests are broad across genres, my writing is that way, too. I'm self publishing some and working through traditional publishing paths for the rest.

Short Stories

These are some short stories I wrote and released just for the fun of it.

  • Happeez Girl (inspired by a very, very long afternoon huddled in a booth of a Chuck-E-Cheese restaurant waiting for my child and wondering how the servers kept their sanity).
  • Divine Tours (inspired by Neil Gaiman's American Gods and my -- at the time -- unemployed sister).


Published Books

The Adventures of Princess Cianna

Like most parents, I got tired of the selection of children's books that I read to my child every night. In order to mix things up, we would make up stories. I would ask my daughter (about three years old at the time) to give me anything to wrap a story around. She would and, within a vaguely medieval universe of Princess Cianna and her animal friends, I would tell her a story.

The results were a random collection of fun stories -- adventures that only a toddler would think up like bubble bugs, armoured ducks, a tiny sheep in a house with feet, and a monster ninja attack rainbow.

Princess Cianna cover

The book is self-published on Amazon.

Purity's Promise

As a teenager, I devoured romance novels -- piles of them. OnceI set them down for science fiction and fantasy, I never looked back. One day, I decided to write a romance novel just for fun because it would be easy.

I wrote it for kicks, edited it because I decided it wasn't actually half bad and might be worthy of publishing. I started looking more closely at the romance genre for publishers. I found blogs and started reading some of the books. In doing that, I discovered the sci-fi crossover likes of Adrienne Kress, Delilah Dawson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Rae Carson, Kaja Foglio, and Meljean Brook.

I'm sorry guys: Women, hands down, write the best Steampunk.

Needless to say, I went back with a newfound respect for the genre and rewrote my book. It's not Steampunk and it is still pretty silly, but it is more of a loving homage to the genre than a joke at the genre's expense.

Purity's Promise cover

Purity Plumb was beautiful, spoiled, and independent. She had rich, handsome suitors coming from miles around. Her life was perfect until a chance meeting with the striking Socrates Blair started a series of events that would turn her world inside out.

Socrates Blair had it all figured out. He was a respected general, a confidante of Prince Gustov, and advisor to the King. He was a keen strategist and a polished diplomat. How could one woman confound him so?

Emma was Purity's best friend and head of her household staff. She was the picture of practicality and good sense. Why was she falling head-over-heels in love with a prince?

Prince Gustov was next in line to be the king of the land. He was engaged to marry the lovely Purity Plumb, but he loved another. If that wasn't enough of a problem, he went and got himself kidnapped.

Can this all somehow work out? Will there be a happily ever after for any of them? One man with a hidden past holds the key.

Purity's Promise is self-published on Amazon.


Gerdie's Treasure

My father is a fan of mystery novels and, about the time I put down the romance novels, I started digging through his pile of books. Gerdie's Treasure is a young adult "cozy" mystery novel in the spirit of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plumb series. Rita is a strong teenaged heroine doing the best she can to solve an mystery in a rich context of funny, memorable characters and unexpected twists.

Never chase a white rabbit down a hole -- or into Gerdie Putterbaum's storm cellar. In hindsight, Rita should have known that. She read enough books. Of all the things she might have expected in Gerdie's cellar, however, she would never have dreamed that she would find a dead body and the Holy Grail among jars of softly glowing pickled catfish.

But, then again, maybe she should have expected that. Rita's life was not exactly normal. Her mother was still in a coma from her car accident and the only way to pay for the medical care was for her father to take a consulting job in China. Seventeeen-year-old Rita lived alone in the small town where she'd lived her whole life and was making the best of things with the help of friends and neighbors. Then a mysterious man crashed his car outside the store where she worked, a new possibility opened up for Rita. 

And new danger.

Rita and her best friend Maggie had to find a Medieval chalice hidden somewhere in her town before the bad guys did. Maybe it would turn out to be the Holy Grail. Maybe, somehow, the Grail's magic would let Rita bring her mom back from wherever the coma took her.

Finished manuscript is available to publishing representatives on request.

I also have a science fiction novella in the process of being rewritten, and an unfinished fantasy novel with Steampunk elements.



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