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Print is not dead, but it has an important little friend now: The electronic book. These are versions of books that can be read on smartphones or tablets.

Formatting and creating ebooks is surprisingly... tricky.

First of all, every distributor (Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Smashbooks, etc.) have their own little quirks about how they want books formatted and submitted. Even for very simply formatted books with no pictures, tables, footnotes, or anything other that headlines and paragraphs, you need to slightly adjust your file for every distributor.

Then you have to test, to validate the file. The tricky part to that is understanding what, precisely, the test results mean. The following is an actual email I recieved from a distributor containing "helpful" validation results.

Sample ebook validation results

Yeah. That is very useful. *head slams on the desktop a few times* Thanks. Really.

I've seen hundreds of these "helpful" lists of errors and I know what they mean. I have the tools and knowledge to fix the errors quickly and efficiently. I can take a manuscript file and design and format it so that it needs minimal "tweaking" as you submit it to different distributors. Whether you are a writer self-publishing your own work, or an organization looking to other distribution channels to get your message across, let me help you get it ready.

References are available upon request. Email me directly and I'll try to connect you with a client of mine who is doing something similar.

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